Welcome to Natural Birth Magic

My Name is Violet and my passion is supporting and empowering mothers and families on their most important and life changing journey in pregnancy, birth and beyond. My work involves techniques and tools to build a positive and powerful birth and most importantly creating a positive experience for Postpartum. Nature blesses us with many gifts and we have been instinctively using them since the beginning of time, so my work allows me to remind mothers and families of their birthright and their power so they can make informed decisions based on evidence. I believe Birth is a truly transformational time for a Woman as she becomes a Mother. This sacred time is often overlooked or not fully supported, it is one of the most important changes of life. It is a time for honouring ourselves, it is a time for empowerment and learning through love and through our strengths. I believe we are all creative beings that continually create in order to live and thrive in positive and loving environments.

Nurturing Newborns as well as Newborn Mothers is paramount to living in optimal health, allowing us to achieve a joyful, abundant and authentic life for ourselves and together. I am honoured to be part of the Revolution and supporting mothers on their unique journeys, allowing them to evolve peacefully and joyfully as a Creative Healer, HypnoBirthing Educator, Postpartum Doula and friend.

My services include some of the tools that replenish our energy, power, strength, trust and most of all Love so we can enjoy life to the fullest. Supporting you holistically bringing the elements together, nurturing your emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

I believe Nature is Change and Change is Nature.

When we embrace change and are living free of limitations we can live a joyful and loving life, being our Authentic selves.

About Me

I moved from West Yorkshire, England with my family to live in Melbourne, Victoria over two years ago. Like many others I have experienced a very rocky and eventful life, although some of it has been extremely difficult and life altering it has taught me so many things and lead me to the path I live now. The most important things I have achieved in my life are surviving life threatening illness and giving birth to my daughter. I never knew how transformational these experiences would be, and today I realise it is a great time of great personal growth and empowerment, as an individual, a woman and as a mother. I believe nature is change and change is nature so allowing room to learn and grow are important elements to giving purpose in my life. As a woman we evolve through giving birth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a very sacred time where we are reborn, we become Mothers, which is a major transformation otherwise known as Matrescence, it is a very unique experience and is different for everyone.

I was so blessed and thankful to have found HypnoBirthing, it allowed me to achieve the birth of my dreams as well as focus on my life’s purpose. This amazing experience had inspired me to share the joy of HypnoBirthing, which is now why I teach this amazing education to couples to help them navigate through their beautiful journey and the achieve their unique birth and life dreams. I value all things natural where possible, and I am focused on Love – which I believe is the true creator of our dreams and what we stand for today. Love is what creates new life and sustains it, however it is easy to forget this one and most potently paramount element in our everyday life experiences. Every single moment of the day, everyday is sacred and meaningful, even the not so great parts. I also believe making mistakes is what makes us wiser, it teaches us, strengthens us and makes us very good and authentic beings in this world we live in together.

I believe we can create anything we put our minds and heart to, the key is in our beliefs and how we love ourselves and each other on our journey in life, especially when we have created new life here on Earth. Each journey is unique to each parent, it is with love that we each achieve our dreams and goals.   I look forward to helping you on your journey, with love and a helping hand.

Please know that this site is an extension of myself and will always be a work in progress, as is our lives, I thank you for taking the time to read and share this knowledge and love with me by visiting this space.